Terms & Conditions • Cancellation Policy

  1. Reservations are accepted at the discretion of the management which reserves the right to exclude any person whose conduct or appearance is in the opinion of the management prejudicial to the establishment or other guests.

  2. Reservations are provisional unless and until supported by credit or debit card details or an agreed deposit in which case they will be regarded as confirmed.

  3. Confirmed reservations may be cancelled up until 48 hours before the time of arrival. In the case of multiple or block bookings cancellation must be before 48 hours x the number of rooms booked (e.g. where 3 rooms are block booked cancellation will only be effective if notified 144 hours before the time of arrival). If reservations are not cancelled in accordance with the above requirements, the full room charge will be made.

  4. Room rates are published on our website but the management reserves the right to vary them at any time. A single occupancy room charge applies only if a room is occupied by one person.

  5. Check in time is 14.00 hours and check out time is 11.00 hours the following day. If a room is occupied after 11.30 hours, a further day’s charge will be made.

  6. The company is not liable for loss, theft or damage to any property of guests or customers on any part of the premises unless handed to the management accompanied by the guest’s written estimate of the article’s value. The management reserves the right to decline to accept responsibility for articles of high value and the company’s liability in this respect is limited to £500.00 for any one article.

  7. Any property left by guests at the premises and unclaimed for a period of 3 months will be disposed of.

  8. Guests are responsible to pay for any damage caused to the premises or furniture, equipment, bedding and carpets etc during the period of their occupation. This includes extra cleaning costs (normally £100.00 minimum) as a result of a breach of the hotel’s no smoking policy and bed soiling and wetting.

  9. Pets are permitted at the discretion of the management. Guests must take full responsibility for their pets and pay for any damage, staining or extra cleaning costs caused by them in addition to the published occupation charge. Guests with dogs which cause a nuisance to other occupants may be required to leave. 

  10. Vehicle parking in the hotel car parks is free of charge but is entirely at the owners’ risk and guests are strongly advised to remove articles of value from their vehicles.

What our customers say

Christine Williams from Shropshire

Best hotel in the world.
Hospitality fantastic.”

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fox and goose inn somerset

fox and goose inn somerset

fox and goose inn somerset